Antioch University Offers Credit for MOOCs through Coursera

Antioch University has become the first U.S. institution to offer college credit through Coursera, a social entrepreneurship company that works with the top universities in the world to offer massive online open courses, or MOOCs. Antioch University Los Angeles launched the pilot program in early October with two Coursera courses developed by the University of Pennsylvania: Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, and Greek and Roman Mythology.

For AULA Bachelor of Arts students, the University’s partnership with Coursera will provide an expanded menu of courses from which to choose. It also brings a cost-saving value: while the final pricing structure is still being determined, AULA is committed to offering MOOCs for less than the cost of traditional courses at the California public university system.

“Antioch University values and nurtures an innovative, reflective, and experiential approach to educational excellence and, to that end, we are excited about having this groundbreaking opportunity to work with Coursera to provide students with even greater benefits from the unique learning opportunity offered by the Coursera MOOCs,” says AULA President, Tex Boggs. “By working closely with Coursera and their university partners, Antioch University Los Angeles will offer to those who choose to enroll in Coursera MOOCs an opportunity to earn university credit at an affordable cost.”

Students enrolled in Coursera MOOCs will benefit from frequent engagement with an AULA faculty member who is likewise enrolled in the course. These instructors will serve as guides throughout the course, assigning additional exercises to enhance the online experience.

“We are always looking for ways to improve learning and increase access to higher education,” says MeHee Hyun, co-chair of AULA’s undergraduate program. “By adding face-to-face interaction with Antioch University faculty, and supplemental resources to the existing materials that are a part of the MOOCs, Antioch University can enhance the overall student experience. The convenience of online learning combined with the personal attention of a low residency experience offers students both increased flexibility and additional creative learning opportunities.”

In anticipation of expanding the availability of MOOCs to more AULA students in 2013, the University will begin holding workshops in early winter to introduce interested students to this exciting new learning opportunity.

If you have any questions about  MOOCs or AULA’s partnership with Coursera, please contact Joanna Gerber at or (310) 578-1080 x119.