Largest AULA Trustee Member Gift in History Benefits Organizational Management Program

AULA Board of Trustee member Grant Abramson and his wife Miriam Muscarolas have pledged $75,000 over five years to establish the Grant Abramson and Miriam Muscarolas Scholarship Fund. The pledge represents the largest gift by an AULA Trustee member in the school’s history. The scholarship will support the Master of Arts in Organizational Management program, which offers a humanistic approach to management education while also teaching the business fundamentals that are essential to effective leadership of any kind of organization.

“We focus our giving on programs whose mission is to improve the health, education and welfare of residents of greater Los Angeles. We evaluate how effectively the organization accomplishes its goals and we prioritize those where we have a strong connection either directly or indirectly through friends and family. We feel Antioch University Los Angeles meets our criteria extremely well,” says Abramson. “We are pleased to be able to support students to go into their professions with a deeper understanding of how to use their skills to improve the lives of others.  We hope others will join us in doing the same.”

The purpose of the Abramson-Muscarolas Scholarship fund is two-fold: to support new and current students and to increase diversity in the student population of the Organizational Management Program. The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria: one-third of the funding for scholarships of new students, two-thirds for funding of scholarships for current students in good standing, with attention given to achieving diversity in the student population. To be considered, current students must submit a letter of recommendation from one faculty member.

“The MA in Organizational Management faculty recognizes that there are many worthy recipients for donors to consider when they make an award.  We are extremely grateful that Grant and Miriam have chosen to support our students,” says Susan Nero, PhD, Master of Arts in Organizational Management ProgramChair. “These students have great aspirations. They already contribute to the life of the Southern California region, and this scholarship assistance will assure that they can continue to develop as professionals and as community leaders.”

Vice president for Institutional Advancement Amy Smith notes, “This is a truly wonderful gift – the largest so far by a Trustee, and one that I hope inspires other Trustees, alumni and community members to consider how they might have a meaningful impact on AULA though their philanthropy.”