Perpetual Food Drive Reaches Goal of 4 Tons!

President Tex Boggs Perpetual Food DriveIn the spring quarter of 2011, Project Second Life – a collaborative project of the Applied Community Psychology Specialization and the Education Department – launched a Perpetual Food Drive.  Unlike a typical food drive that take place once or only during the holiday season, AULA’s Perpetual Food Drive will continue indefinitely until hunger is no longer an issue in Los Angeles.

AULA community members took the following pledge: “As long as I enjoy the privilege of food security, each time I shop for my own groceries, I pledge to purchase rice, beans, or baby cereal for members of my community who are food insecure.”

When cooked the donated beans would fill an entire swimming pool and the rice would fill the inside of four Prius cars. Curious what else weighs 4 tons?

  • One mom hippo and her 20 baby hippos
  • Two average sized new U.S cars
  • 12 Grand Pianos
  • Four Liberty Bells
  • 36 NBA Basketball players
  • An African elephant
  • 45 Female Reindeer

Donations are made to the Westside Food Bank in Santa Monica. The food distributed by the Westside Food Bank often spares low-income individuals and families from having to make the agonizing choice between paying for rent or food when they cannot afford both, saving them from potentially becoming homeless.