Put your compassion into action.

AIDSWalkFlyersWalk if you candonate if you are able-page-001Each August, for more than 20 years, Psychology Chair Dr. Joy Turek has asked the AULA community to join team Antioch Walks and raise much needed funds for service organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by HIV disease. This year is no exception. Team Antioch Walks will participate in the 30th annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dr. Turek has a personal reason to walk. The father of her two adult children died of AIDS in 1994. She began walking in 1990 when her children were babies. Now adults, they continue to walk to remember their father and so many other wonderful human beings who have died, and to honor those living with AIDS.

“If you haven’t been touched by the Aids pandemic in any way, if you haven’t known someone who died or don’t know anyone living with AIDS, if you’ve no family member, no friend or significant other is HIV+, perhaps you feel no need to walk,” says Dr. Turek. “But it seems to me, we’ve all been affected and we all have a responsibility to act.”

The team will assemble in West Hollywood at 9am at a location to be determined, where walkers will receive a t-shirt with the Antioch Walks team name on it. The walk is just over six miles, completed at a comfortable pace, and usually takes until about noon.

Walkers are asked to have paying sponsors. The money raised by AIDS Walk supports services provided by more than 20 AIDS service organizations throughout Los Angeles County. Walkers are strongly encouraged to ask people they know to donate in support of their walking, but are welcome to walk even if they don’t collect any money.

To join Team Antioch Walks, click here and select the option “Join a Team” and then select Antioch Walks – #3189 from the list.

If you are unable to walk, please consider sponsoring a walker or the AULA team. Pledges can be made here.

“Last year we had many fine walkers but we raised less money than we have in the past,” added Dr. Turek. “For this year, let’s see if we can have a big Antioch Walks team who also raise $10,000 as our goal. So many people would benefit from this effort. We can do it!”