Registrar Student Assistants

Title Registrar Student Assistants
Categories Federal Work Study
Status Part-time
Job Information


1.         Quarters needed:

A.  Academic Year 2013; 2014____

B.  Summer Only ____

C.  Fall Only ____

D.  Winter Only ____

E.  Spring Only ____

 2.      Job Title: Registrar Student Assistants

 3.      Number of Positions Requested: 4

 4.      Average number of Work Hours Per Week: 20

 5.      Hourly Pay Rate:   $13.00

 6.      Student May Have to Work:

 A)    Days __x__

B)    B Evenings __x__ (up to 7:00PM)

C)    C Nights ____

D)    D)Weekends __x__

 7.      Hiring Department:   Office of the Registrar

 8.      Person Student Reports To:   Emee Dacanay

 9.      Room Number:   2068

 10.  Telephone Number and extension:   ext 211

11.  Job Description and Any Special Skills:   To provide administrative support and front-counter customer relations services in the Office of the Registrar.

a)      Proficient with computer applications

b)     Demonstrated organization skills and attention to detail

c)      Strong verbal and written communication skills

d)     Analytical

e)      Experience in records keeping, safety, security and confidentiality of records

f)       Team player

g)      Problem-solver

12.    Supervisor:  Emee Dacanay

To apply for this position send an email to the supervisor by clicking on this link: