Developing Leaders

AULA’s purpose statement includes the goal of fostering socially conscious leadership. Students in all of our programs have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, in classroom projects and through experiential learning opportunities throughout the community. Our students also plan, organize, and implement major events on campus, including Artistic Uprising, Literary Uprising, and V-Day. In many of our classes, students develop the foundations of effective leadership, gaining skills including systems thinking, collaboration, and communication.

As a result, our graduates go on to be leaders in their respective fields, leaving a lasting and positive impact on the world. Our alumni include award-winning authors of socially conscious works, and executive directors of nonprofits that empower communities. They are mental health professionals who provide extraordinary care and powerful patient advocacy. They are educators shaping the next generation of minds and advancing education reform. Students graduate from AULA prepared to face the challenges of the world head on, and excited to use their skills and talents toward the greater good.