Project SecondLife

Project Second Life is a collaborative project of the Applied Community Psychology Specialization and the AULA Education Department. The goal of the project is to raise awareness among AULA community members (students, faculty, administrators, and staff) about global and local issues that impact individual and collective well-being. The activities of Project Second Life encourage AULA community members to live more sustainable lives, not only in how they consume and dispose of unwanted goods, but also in how they contribute to the sustenance of those less able to provide for themselves.

Through education and activism, Project Second Life supports the University mission and campus purpose of fostering personal and collective agency, global citizenship, and socially conscious leadership in service to enacting social justice.

“Living simply so others simply may live”

Contribute to our perpetual food drive!  Drop off beans, rice and/or dry baby cereal to the PSL Perpetual Food Drive bins around campus.  This is a perpetual drive, so there is no end to our efforts.  All donations go to the Westside Food Bank.

For more information about Project Second Life, visit our LibGuide.