Social Justice

Social justice is at the heart of AULA’s mission. In every program, in every class, students are prepared to become agents of positive change, and to combat the devastating effects of racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia.  AULA’s roots in social justice date back to Antioch College, established in 1852 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. As early as 1863, Antioch abolished race as a criteria for acceptance, and was the first school in America to educate and hire women on equal terms as men. AULA began as a satellite campus of the original Antioch, and carries this legacy of social justice into the 21st century.

Social justice is woven into students’ academic, experiential, and community experiences. In class, our students learn powerful strategies to promote equality and fairness through their work, whether it’s providing counseling for the underserved or writing literature that gives voice to the voiceless. Through internships and class projects, students utilize their knowledge in service to the greater community. Students can also participate in events both on and off campus in which they advocate for social change, a skill which will serve them well throughout their careers and their lives.