Our Campus

The Antioch University Los Angeles campus crackles with life, as students explore eye-opening, sometimes radical new ways to look at the world. Inside our comfortable classrooms, they engage in heady dialogue with each other and with their instructors, who encourage out-of-the box thinking and novel approaches to longstanding problems.

Students in classThe lively classroom conversations spill over into our courtyard, where you can find students collaborating on projects, socializing over a meal at the café, or enjoying some solitude in the California sunshine.

It may not look like a traditional university campus, but then, there’s nothing traditional about AULA. We have no sprawling green quads, no Ultimate Frisbee games, no music pumped out of dorm room windows. What we offer instead is a place that nurtures and develops your academic interests and professional goals, providing unique, customizable degree programs and unparalleled faculty support.

AULA side photo1We invite you to visit our campus to discover why one of our programs might be the right option for you. Regardless of the program you decide on at Antioch University Los Angeles, your curriculum will be guided by our learner-centered approach, experiential learning paradigm, and social justice mission.  We look forward to seeing you on campus!


Want to get a feel for our campus? Join student Abby for a tour!