AULA Athletics

Our football team has never been defeated. Our basketball team has never lost a game. In fact, since AULA’s founding in 1972, no rival school can claim to have bested any of our sports teams.

That’s because we don’t have any.


Okay, so there is no AULA Athletics Department. Heck, our campus doesn’t even have a gym.

What we do have are all-star instructors who are always in your corner. We don’t have a wrestling team. But we have students, staff and faculty who will go to the mat for social justice. And we don’t have a tennis team. But our customizable academic programs put the ball in your court.

So how far can we take this metaphor?


All the way to the Division 1 National Metaphor Championship, which – if such a thing existed – would be utterly dominated by our MFA in Creative Writing students.

So while we may not have sports teams, it’s a slam dunk that…..well, you get the picture.