What Makes Us Different

AULA distinguishes itself from other universities in countless ways, starting with our learner-centered model that places students’ lived experiences front and center. Learning at AULA is not a passive act. Our students are active participants in their own education, entrusted to create their own unique academic journey through individualized courses of study, and fieldwork training that prepares them for their careers while contributing to the common good. Always at the forefront of progressive thought and social justice, AULA continues to develop cutting-edge academic programs that respond to the changing needs of our communities and our world.

Here are some other ways in which AULA is different from conventional universities:

AULA Admissions

  • No GREs or GMATs are required for admission to our graduate programs.

The AULA Community

  • Adult learners of every age represent a wide range of cultural backgrounds and professional and life experiences.
  • We take pride in our LGBT-affirmative culture that embraces diversity in all its forms.

AULA Academics

  • Undergraduate students have the opportunity to earn college credit by documenting prior learning experiences from their professional or personal lives.
  • Our undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize community engagement and social justice.
  • Students enjoy small, interactive classes.
  • Instructors provide written evaluations rather than letter grades.
  • Our unique bachelor’s degree completion program is for those who’ve already earned some college credits and now wish to complete their degree.

AULA Faculty

  • A low student-to-faculty ratio allows for unparalleled personalized attention.
  • AULA offers no tenured faculty positions; instructors are required to continually demonstrate their effectiveness and commitment to student success.

Special Programs

  • AULA’s Bridge Program offers no cost courses in the humanities for low-income adults.