Student Voices

“As a youth I always thought of myself as an artist, but I did not take myself seriously. When I came to AULA, it enlivened me.”

Ashaki Jackson

Clovis, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Reading, museum-hopping, volunteering for youth initiatives, visiting Los Angeles restaurants in search of the best rib-eye steak

Social psychologist and poet who has workshopped in residence with Cave Canem, Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA), and Idyllwild communities.

“In my interpretation of social justice, it’s important to communicate with not only your community members, but with others who might be able to benefit from what you have to say. And art has always been a very powerful medium to express political ideas, or nonpolitical ideas, or just convey an emotion to another person. That’s what the AULA mission means to me.”