Student Voices

“There were so many options for doing work not only on campus, but off campus, independently.”

Cindy Shapiro

Washington, D.C.
Sherman Oaks, CA
Fitness, artist/musician salons, crossword puzzles, French language

Opera/theater composer, currently co-producing her work “Psyche: A Modern Rock Opera,” to be directed by Ovation award-winning Michael Matthews.  Recipient of a Tides Foundation art grant for pre-production on “Psyche.”

“There are a lot of ways to earn credit toward your BA in Liberals Studies at AULA. I had done a fair amount of things in my life that qualified as college-level learning and received prior learning credits. I was also able to take an online class through another university that wasn’t offered at AULA – a Hebrew class – and receive credit toward my degree. I was also able to put together Independent Studies, including starting a performance group.”