Student Voices

"Entering the Bridge Program was like jumping into the deep end of a pool not knowing if you could swim, and finding that you could breath underwater."

Delfin Canedo

Culver City, CA
Culver City, CA
Reading and writing poetry, painting, bamboo flute, Tibetan singing bowls, watching subtitled Korean television dramas

Accounting Assistant. Delfin is also a writer who recently self-published a book of poetry entitled “Life&Death” under the pen name Del Maximo, available at Amazon.

"The AULA Bridge Program is a guided tour through philosophy, literature, art history, and the writing process. Each quarter was an adventure in new (to me) authors and viewpoints, artworks and genres. Enthusiastic professors encourage each student to find and express his or her own voice – 'Sapere aude' – in class participation. I truly came to appreciate the input of my cohort-mates towards a collective and, therefore, greater understanding of coursework. Like a river finding the ocean, through Bridge I discovered that I am a part of something much bigger than what I already knew. And finding the value of each student expressing his or her own voice became a metaphor for social justice."