Student Voices

“[Earning a] BA was something that enabled me to go further and to feel actualized, to feel like I was actually achieving my goals."

Khana Lacewell

Portland, OR
Culver City, CA
Hiking, biking, yoga, meditation, PBS, books on psychology and Buddhism, catching up on "Battlestar Galactica," "24," and “Dexter.”

Psychotherapist specializing in anxiety disorders and addiction treatment at Psychotherapy Associates in Culver City. Learn more about Khana’s private practice here.

“AULA helped me find my path. Getting my BA here led to me getting my master’s degree here and becoming a therapist. I love my job; every day I’m thankful for it, and grateful to have gone to this school. The BA program was really a jumping off point for me that made my life so much bigger and richer than I ever knew it could be.”