Student Voices

“It was great to have the opportunity to apply what I’m learning within class to my own organization.”

Layah Willis

Los Angeles, CA
Riverside, CA
Running, working out, interior design, romance movies

Executive director of City Youth Exposure, a nonprofit that introduce youth to people, places and things that they would not normally or easily experience in their daily lives.

“I’ve gained skills in the Nonprofit Management program that I believe are different from what you’d need in a for-profit organization. I’ve learned that you have to be more creative. You have to be more people-oriented. It’s not like you just have this product that you’re selling. You’re [dealing with] emotions, [with] people’s lives. The Nonprofit Management program has really given me clarity in the different aspects of program management and leadership, specifically for nonprofits, and where I should be focusing my energies most. “