Student Voices

“Our Child Studies professors know the theory really well…They get us to a point where we own it. So then we can take [it], go into the room, and be creative with clients.”

Tricia Mercaldi Steeves

Queens, NY
West Los Angeles, CA
Vegan cooking, hiking, knitting and sewing, writing fiction, volunteering at animal sanctuaries

MFT Trainee at Outreach Concern and the Antioch University Counseling Center

“The message of social justice is woven throughout every AULA curriculum. In the graduate Child Studies Specialization, I’m being trained to look at the child sitting in front of me as a whole person. The child is more than just a set of symptoms that has walked into my office. This child also represents socio-economic status, ethnic groups, neighborhoods, school systems, family problems. At Antioch University, we are reminded again and again to take all of these things into consideration. And only then can we create the best possible treatment plan for this individual.”