Other AU Programs

Antioch University is also home to the landmark PhD in Leadership and Change; Antioch Education Abroad; and an an exceptional slate of immersive service and study programs.

Antioch University PhD Program

Antioch University’s distinctive PhD in Leadership and Change Program combines faculty-mentored, individualized learning with a challenging interdisciplinary core curriculum. The focus of the program is on understanding and leading organizational change. At the heart of study is the student’s own practice in professional life.

Antioch Education Abroad

Since the 1950s, Antioch Education Abroad (AEA) has continued to develop and offer unique study abroad programs. By integrating resourceful academic content with cultural immersion, these innovative programs support and enhance students’ undergraduate experiences, both academically and culturally. Our students embrace the challenging opportunities to engage in deeply rewarding, often life-changing experiences of living and studying abroad. AEA faculty members, experts in their respective fields, lead students on these explorations in diverse locations worldwide.