Sustainability Vision and Climate Action Plan

Logo.rev.2Sustainability Vision

Recognizing the current global environmental and humanitarian crisis of climate change, Antioch University Los Angeles aspires to demonstrate leadership through outreach, education, and operational actions.  Toward this end, the Sustainability Committee seeks to change the impact of Antioch University Los Angeles into one that integrates environmental protection, resource conservation, clean energy practices, protection of public health, justice awareness, and strengthening of academic and popular sustainability education efforts through development of policy and practice.

This purpose will fully consider economic, environmental, social and climate justice, equity, democratic process, human rights and the broader mission of the University.

Climate Action Plan

In 2015 AULA completed its Climate Action Plan, a roadmap to improving the environment, conserving resources, ensuring equity, and lightening our negative impact on the climate. It highlights our objectives and what we can do to make positive change in order to affect community well-being and environmental issues.  The plan includes goals & action steps in the areas of Transportation, Energy & Water, Curriculum, Food & Waste, Procurement & Utilization, Finance and Communication, Engagement & Outreach.

Click here to view and download the Climate Action Plan.