Sustainability on Campus: Projects and Programs

Our campus and curriculum reflect the social justice mission and community-focused efforts and activities that make us different. In addition to Antioch University Los Angeles’ Climate Action Plan development and the ongoing work of the Sustainability Committee, AULA has an operational commitment as well as varied programs and projects on campus.          

Facilities and Operations
Our recent remodel adhered to the statewide Cal Green building standards, included purchases of eco-friendly furnishings and three entire floors of a sustainable carpet product. An improved waste management system is in the works, to be installed by summer. Our building is a US EPA Energy Star awardee. Our Communications Department strives to print all collateral on post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based inks.

Programs and Projects
Sustainability is sewn into the fabric of the University, exemplified by the values of our Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability program, the Applied Community Psychology specialization in our Master of Arts in Psychology, as well as our Urban Studies and Business and Social Entrepreneurship concentrations within the BA program.  Additionally, many courses serve as an example of how sustainability is embedded in our daily educational practice.

AULA’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions data can be SEEN HERE.  You can read the report HERE.

Project Second Life
The activities of Project Second Life encourage AULA community members to live more sustainable lives, not only in how they consume and dispose of unwanted goods, but also in how they contribute to the sustenance of those less able to provide for themselves.

“Do One Thing”
“Do One Thing” is a monthly campaign that shares ideas on how (and why) to improve environmental conditions worldwide.Do One Thing










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