The undergraduate and graduate degree programs at AULA are distinguished by their rigorous, interdisciplinary curricula, which invite our adult learners to approach the world as curious, critical thinkers.

Our experiential learning model combines dynamic classes, workshops, and seminars with hands-on training in the field, allowing students to apply new-found skills in real-world settings.

  • Bachelor's Degrees
    AULA’s bachelor degree completion program was designed for returning students who are ready to claim their education.

    The BA program offers unique major and minor concentrations, and fast track options into many of our graduate degree programs.
  • Education Department
    The Education Department offers two teacher credentialing programs that can be combined with a MA in Education, as well as a stand-alone MA in Education, Leadership and Change.

    The programs immerse students in progressive learning pedagogies, preparing them to be agents of positive educational reform.
  • Psychology Department
    The Master of Arts in Psychology program prepares students to work in today’s increasingly diverse society by introducing them to a wide range of theories and techniques.

    The program emphasizes the role of psychology in empowering people of all backgrounds, cultures, economic standing, sexual orientations, and identities to achieve their full potential.
  • MA in Nonprofit Management
    The new MA in Nonprofit Management program prepares professionals to exercise managerial and leadership expertise in support of any nonprofit organization’s mission.

    The MA in Nonprofit Management is a hybrid program with a project-based curriculum. Each quarter is devoted to a single essential aspect of a nonprofit organization which students explore in depth.
  • MA in Urban Sustainability
    The Urban Sustainability program has a strong emphasis on social justice, as students explore the connection between sustainability and inequality.

    Students learn to be powerful advocates for the disenfranchised, and to empower communities to become active participants in the decisions that shape their world.
  • MFA in Creative Writing
    AULA's MFA in Creative Writing program is the world's only MFA program specifically devoted to literature and the pursuit of social justice.

    The low-residency program offers specialized fields of creative writing study in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, and/or Writing for Young People.
  • Dual MA in Urban Sustainability and MFA in Creative Writing
    Blending together AULA’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and the Master of Arts in Urban Sustainability, our new dual MA/MFA degree provides citizen artists the skills they need to expertly communicate and apply creative and complex concepts to the challenges of out time.
  • Bridge Program
    The Bridge Program offers college courses at no-cost to low-income and no-income adults. Students study philosophy, literature, art history, urban studies, and writing.

    Graduates of the Bridge Program have gone on to earn associates degrees, bachelors degrees, and even masters.
  • Certificates/Non-Degree Programs
    AULA's commitment to life-long learning is reflected in our certificate and non-degree options.

    These offerings allow students to increase their skills, expand their professional networks, and enrich their lives without the commitment of a full-degree program.

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Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.