How do I decide which exams I’m going to take?

Earning credit through a DSST exam is like earning transfer credit. When you choose an exam to take, it should be one that will help you make progress toward your degree. Note that Antioch accepts DSST credits as only lower division units, despite what it indicates on the DSST website. If you have any questions about whether or not an exam will count toward the completion of your degree, please consult with your academic advisor and/or the Registrar’s Office. You cannot earn credit through a DSST exam if you already have units for the equivalent course on your transcript.

When do I have to decide which exams I’m going to take?

You register for a specific exam on the day you come to take the exam. There is no need to inform AULA in advance which exam(s) you wish to take.  Note that Antioch is not currently equipped to offer the Principles of Public Speaking exam.

How far in advance do I need to reserve an exam slot?

AULA has a fairly small computer lab so we can accommodate 10-12 test-takers on a given date. If you register close to the exam date, there may not be an available slot. But it never hurts to submit your name to see if there is room for you.

Where do I find study materials for these exams?

You can find fact sheets and guidance for study materials by going to the DSST website.

Can I take any practice exams?

DSST makes practice exams available for purchase through its website. If you decide to take a practice exam, note that you'll need a different username and password for taking the DSST exam from the username and password you use for the practice exam.

What do I need to bring to the exam?

In order to register and pay for your exam, you need one form of identification as well as a major credit card. Some exams allow the use of a non-programmable calculator. Check the DSST website for details about available exams and what materials are allowed. Note that you will need to input your social security number during registration so have that number with you.

What is the AULA proctoring fee?

Currently, AULA charges nothing to proctor the exams. This is one way we serve the community. The only cost to the test-taker is the $80 fee, per exam, paid directly to DSST.

How long does each exam take?

DSST exams are automatically timed to shut off two hours after the exam begins. Once an individual clicks the "launch test" button, the computer counts down the remaining time.

When will I get my score?

When the exam is completed, the DSST program will immediately indicate the test-taker's score as well as the minimal score for passing that exam.

When will my college get my score?

When a test-taker registers at the beginning of an exam, there is an opportunity to put in a four-digit institutional score report number. If you include that number during registration, your score will automatically be sent to that institution at no additional cost. DSST says this takes 7-10 business days. If you do not include the score report number at the time you register for an exam, DSST requires a transcript request at a cost of $30.

How do I find out my institution’s score report number?

You can get the number from your institution or find it on the DSST website.