Independent Study

Independent study affords students the opportunity to pursue subjects not offered in our scheduled classes and to explore them in depth under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students define the objectives and activities of their independent study, and undertake self-directed reading, writing, or practice-based study.

Independent studies can take on almost any shape or size. For one notable project, student Martha Ramirez-Oropeza, who learned mural art from the legendary Mexican muralist David Segueiros, brought together a group of BA students who researched the history of Antioch University and created a vibrant mural conveying the school’s history, from its founding in Ohio in 1852 under the leadership of Horace Mann to the Los Angeles campus in the 21st century. Another student researched and evaluated graduate education in forensic psychology. She used her findings and the guidance of her academic advisor to apply successfully to one of the programs she had researched.