Areas of Concentration

Antioch University’s BA in Liberal Arts program developed six structured major areas of concentration — similar to majors — based on the most popular student choices. In addition to Addiction Studies, Business and Social Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Liberal Studies, Psychology, and Urban Studies you also can create your own program to stretch your career in a new direction or fuel your enthusiasm for a specialized academic focus. Students must earn 40-80 units in their declared area of concentration.

Students also have the option to round out their education with a minor concentration, as well. Any of the major concentrations can be designated as minors. Minor concentrations are also offered in Queer Studies and Child Studies.

At Antioch University, you can design a program as individual as you are. Together with a faculty mentor, you can combine areas and topics of interest to create unique major and minor concentrations all your own. Click on the major and minor areas of concentration at left to explore your options.