Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies concentration offers the broadest education across all domains of knowledge with in-depth study in specific areas of interest. Liberal studies courses assist students in becoming independent life-long learners with an ability to think critically and creatively about the social issues that influence their lives and their world. Students who do not declare a specialized major area of concentration are automatically included in the Liberal Studies area of concentration.

The Liberal Studies concentration allows students the greatest flexibility in shaping their program of study. It is ideal for students who want a strong general foundation with breadth of learning as well as for those who are interested in experimenting with subjects to which they feel drawn. The Liberal Studies concentration offers a veritable smorgasbord of tempting courses that can open up new pathways and passions. Unlike the specialized concentrations, there is no structured core curriculum for the Liberal Studies concentration. The faculty encourages each Liberal Studies student to pursue a balanced course of study across an array of disciplines, with special emphasis in specific areas of the student’s greatest passion, fascination, and/or practical career direction.

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