Psychology Degrees

Our unique undergraduate Psychology curriculum engages students in critical thinking, global awareness, and intercultural studies alongside traditional Western perspectives in psychology. Specialized subjects include addiction studies, current trends in psychology, gay and lesbian identity development, strength-based approaches to counseling, and community psychology. Our diverse course and internship selections prepare students for careers in related fields such as child advocacy, nonprofit work, community organizing, education, and social work.

Core courses include:

  • Politics of Psychology
  • Human Sexualities
  • Global Approaches to Normal & Abnormal Psychology
  • Critical Psychology
  • Contemporary Modes of Counseling
  • Systems and Systems Thinking
  • Ethics in Counseling & Psychotherapy
  • Postmodern Psychotherapies
  • Social Psychology
  • Research Design & Methodology.

Extensive elective course and workshop offerings include:

  • Psychology of Couples in Fiction & Film
  • Contemporary Neuropsychology
  • Holistic Perspectives on Addiction
  • Cognitive Psychology and Children
  • BodyMind Therapies,
  • Art Therapy: Past Present & Practical
  • Psychology of War Trauma & Vets
  • Applications of Psychology in the 21st Century.

More Information

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Watch artist and BA faculty Audrey Mandelbaum and BA psychology and creative writing faculty Caley O’Dwyer discuss Unconditional Positive Regard, a photographic project that investigates therapy through portraits of individual therapists in their offices.