A liberal studies education addresses our democracy’s need for an educated and critically aware citizenry. It also serves to enhance personal and professional roles. Since its inception in 1972, the BA degree completion program at Antioch University Los Angeles has provided a liberal studies curriculum designed to assist students in becoming independent lifelong learners with a sound grasp of disciplinary content and an ability to think critically and creatively about the social issues that influence their lives, communities, families, and professions.

The liberal studies curriculum – based on a tripartite model of academic rigor, experiential learning, and social engagement – cultivates ethical understanding, perspective taking, diversity, and an appreciation of historical and political issues. The learning activities – courses, internships, and independent study – are often interdisciplinary and integrative in their design. The interdisciplinary nature of the program combines rigorous academics with real-world experience, fostering students’ capacity to synthesize what they are learning and to understand complex social issues in a holistic way.

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