Our Classes and Instructors

In a typical classroom at AULA, you’re likely to find some 8 to 18 individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds engaged in an intimate and lively – even heated –discussion. Our dedicated, experienced instructors provide expertise and facilitate learning but do not typically deliver lengthy lectures. In surveys conducted over many years, BA students and alumni consistently highlight the dynamism of our interactive classrooms and outstanding teachers as the foremost reason for their powerful sense of satisfaction with their AULA experience.

We enrich our curriculum with classes that take students into the learning laboratory of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles River workshop, for example, takes students to six sites along the river as they learn about its complex history that transformed it from a natural river to a blighted flood-control channel. They experience the beginnings of river restoration by visiting greenways and pocket parks, and by imagining how the segregated neighborhoods on either side might intermingle in new public spaces.

Our instructors evaluate your learning not with a grade on a bell curve but with narratives that address your strengths and challenges in meeting the program and course learning objectives. Students demonstrate their learning not with exams and quizzes but with reflective essays, reading journals, collaborative projects, research papers, oral presentations, and even works of art. The skills gained through these projects prepare you for success in graduate school, in your career, or for effective participation in your community.

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