Essential Learning Outcomes for the 21st Century

The challenges of the new global century call for college graduates with essential critical and intellectual skills, a broad base of knowledge of the world, an active sense of personal and social responsibility, and the ability to integrate and apply knowledge to real-world problems. These are time-honored outcomes of progressive education that are more critical than ever for meeting projected workforce demands, and for contributing effectively to your local community and our globally interconnected, diverse, and complex world of constant change and innovation.

The BA in Liberal Studies curriculum and courses cultivate these values, with academics that focus on the following program learning objectives:

  • Critical and analytical thinking ability
  • The ability to understand issues from multiple perspectives
  • The ability to connect learning to lived experience
  • Social awareness, community engagement, and global citizenship
  • Core competency in foundational skills, including writing, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, technological literacy, oral communication, and research