Two Hawks Quarterly

Since 2007, Creative Writing students in the BA program have published a digital literary journal, Two Hawks. The journal’s creators are dedicated to sparking debate and discussion by exposing the world to daring poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and experimental writing.

Guided by faculty consultant Deborah Lott, students run the journal as editors, publishers, marketers, and website directors. Throughout the quarter, students receive submissions from around the globe, looking for work that startles or surprises the reader, work that makes the ordinary feel extraordinary, work that makes readers question assumptions, work that pushes through boundaries of genre and idea, or work that aims to repair the world.

You can read the Fall 2015 issue here.

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Fun Fact

Founding editors of Two Hawks include: BurCu, Sarah Ben-Zvi, Aaron Angello, Sarah Long, and Mark B. Papale, under the direction of then-BA faculty member (now MA in Urban Sustainability program chair) Donald Strauss.