Prior Learning

One of the unique features of our program is an opportunity we call prior learning. We respect your life experience and recognize that college-level learning often takes place outside of academic settings. Many students bring a wealth of such prior learning to their studies, and we offer the option to convert this learning into academic credit through appropriate documentation, self-reflection, and evaluation by a qualified faculty member.

For example, a student who entered the program as an accomplished digital artist earned credit by compiling a portfolio of her digital art and writing an analysis of her learning in the field. Another student who had lost a brother to AIDS reviewed literature on the stages of grief and wrote a paper integrating the findings of academic studies with her personal experience of grief.

Students work with their faculty advisor to pursue the prior learning opportunities based on their specific experience. A student can earn up to 44 quarter units of credit through prior learning documentation.

Click here for more information about prior learning and to look at some sample prior learning proposals.