Fast Track

In today’s economy, with its demand for educated workers with college and advanced degrees, many of our BA students enter our program on an express train headed for graduate study and credentialing that will quickly equip them to compete successfully in the career of their choice. This is often especially true for our returning adult students who are in the process of changing careers or defining a new career path for which their previous education did not prepare them.

To help our students economize on the time and money they spend on completing their education, the BA program collaborates with our graduate programs to offer fast track options that allow undergraduate students to earn significant advanced standing in our teaching credential program and in our four master’s programs. Taking fast track classes shortens the time and investment required to complete a teaching credential or graduate degree at AULA.

Fast track classes or Advanced Standing are available into most of our graduate programs, including:

Also visit the AULA Admissions pages to learn more about specific fast track requirements.

Dig Deeper

See the Fast Track section of the AULA catalog for more information on options available to BA students.