MA in Education Programs

A master’s degree helps open doors for new opportunities within a wide array of educational venues. The curriculum for our program provides a systems thinking perspective on educational organizations beyond schools, such as the media, libraries, and nonprofits. The courses we offer delve into both the theory and practice of change-based organizing, leadership in schools and the larger society, researching and financing educational projects, and sustainably maintaining the changes developed from these projects.

Our graduate student population has come from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and our students have found employment in areas such as: community organizing; child advocacy; as teachers and aides in classrooms; as leaders and staff in schools and school districts; in educational nonprofits; as educational researchers; and as faculty members in institutions of higher education.

We offer two graduate education degrees:

Combined Teaching Credentialing/Master of Arts in Education

Students who have completed either of the AULA teacher preparation programs may continue their studies to earn a Master of Arts in Education. It requires 4 additional quarters half time, with two classes (usually scheduled on Monday or Wednesday evenings) from 4pm – 10pm.

Master of Arts in Education, Leadership and Change

For students interested in an interdisciplinary degree not connected to a credentialing program, we offer the stand-alone Masters of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Leadership and Change. This option is also half time and requires 5 to 6 quarters to complete the 45 quarter units.

Teachers work hard every day to inspire students to achieve their dreams. At this years first ever Better Together: California Teachers Summit, over 15,000 teachers in various locations across the state gathered to share teaching strategies and build a stronger community of teachers. This video was screened at the summit and it features America Ferrera, Harrison Ford, Jon Hamm, Meryl Streep, and inspiring teachers and students. AULA’s Education Department was a co-host the main site held in Pasadena.