Teacher Credentialing

teacher credentialing

Teacher Credentialing Programs

Preliminary Multiple Subject

The multiple subject teaching credential prepares candidates to teach multiple subjects in classrooms to young people generally in grades K-6.

Education Specialist Mild/Moderate

The educational specialist teaching credential prepares candidates to teach students with disabilities that include specific learning disabilities, mild to moderate intellectual disability, attention deficit and attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, and serious emotional disturbance, for grades K-12, as well as in Adult Education.

The Preliminary Multiple Subject and the Education Specialist Mild/Moderate credentialing programs require students to complete 76 quarter units, more units than other programs in the area. These units are used to determine your salary when you are hired for a teaching position, placing you higher up on the district’s salary schedule.

Clear Credential

The program provides support and assessment for beginning teachers, and meets the California Commission on Teacher Credential (CCTC) requirements for the Clear 2042 Multiple or Single Subject Credential. The Clear Credential program offers an alternative to induction for teachers who are eligible for induction, but for whom a state approved induction program is not available. An individualized approach allows teachers to select areas of professional inquiry and work toward their educational goals. Financial aid is not available for this program.

Preliminary Multiple Subject and the Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Credential Schedule

The Preliminary Multiple Subject and the Education Specialist Mild/Moderate are designed to be completed in a 12-month period and are full-time. Students attend classes on Monday and Thursday evenings from 4pm – 10pm, and participate in novice teaching for 2 quarters, or 20 weeks (10 weeks each quarter). Placements are made by the University and are sensitive to the geographic considerations of the student.

Candidates are placed in schools each of the 4 quarters, beginning with 10 hours of observation in the first quarter, followed by 10 days for the second quarter, and half-time field experiences for quarter 3, and full-time novice teaching for quarter 4. For those who are already school aides or teachers, your school might be a possible site for the novice teaching experience. Check with the Department for approval.

Clear Credential Schedule

The Clear Credential is completed in 3 quarters over nine consecutive months, Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters. Students attend class on Monday afternoons and evenings during Spring and Summer quarters and Wednesday afternoons and evenings during Fall quarter. The first day of classes is April 13, 2015.

Interdisciplinary Approach

The Department is committed to exemplary practices and believes in an interdisciplinary approach. When you peruse our course offerings you will find the arts, music, physical education, social studies, language arts and reading, mathematics, science, conflict resolution, classroom management, child development, health, language development and the history of education. Students leave well prepared to teach the entire curriculum. This course of study has been approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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