Clinical Psychology Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology degree is a 90 unit program.

Core Courses

Course NumberCourse TitleUnits
PSY 512AField Study: Psychology and Society2
PSY 531APersonality Theory I: Psychodynamic Theories3
PSY 532APersonality Theory II: Comparative Contemporary Theories3
PSY 541TBDPsychopathology3
PSY 541TBDAssessment of Psychopathology and Treatment Planning3
PSY 501AProcess of Interpersonal Psychotherapy I2
PSY 522APerspectives: Trauma/Its Effects/Awareness/Recovery (3 quarter units)3
PSY 535Systems Theory and the Family I3
PSY 535TSystems Theory and the Family II2
PSY 536TBDResearch For Mental Health Professionals3
PSY 539DPsychopharmacology3
PSY 542Psychological Testing3
PSY 543CChild and Adolescent Development3
PSY 544FContemporary Issues of Aging2
PSY 545Society and the Individual3
PSY 545CCommunity Psychology: Theory and Methods3
PSY 547Human Sexuality3
PSY 548Professional Ethics and the Law3
PSY 550TBDDependency and Addiction3
PSY 551TBDGroup Treatment Methods2
PSY 566TBDCouples Counseling2
PSY 567TBDTreatment of Children and Adolescents2
PSY 572TBDDomestic Violence: Spousal, Elder and Child Abuse3
PSY 509Brief Therapy2
PSY 533Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy2
PSY 535CTreatment of Families2
PSY 535KAdvanced Family Systems2
PSY 540CProcess of Interpersonal Psychotherapy II2
PSY 545ZMental Health Paradigm in Action: 21st Century Recovery Model2
PSY 564FQueer Counseling and Narrative Practice2
PSY TBDClinical Readiness Activities0
PSY 620AApplied Psychotherapeutic Techniques of MFT and LPCC9
PSY 621Clinical Practicum0
PSY 623Personal Psychotherapy (Two Quarters)0
Specialization Core plus electives (see below)17

Specializations (17 units= core + electives)

Applied Community Psychology (ACP)
PSY 512DField Study in ACP (2 quarter units2
PSY 545DCommunity Consultation and Collaboration (3 quarter units)3
PSY 545EProgram Development and Evaluation (3 quarter units)3
PSY 545FPrevention and Promotion (3 quarter units)3
PSY 575EPsychoeducational Groups (3 quarter units)3
ACP Electives (3 quarter units)3
Child Studies (CS)
PSY 520ADevelopmental Psychopathology I: Diagnosis (3 quarter units)3
PSY 520BDevelopmental Psychopathology II: Intervention (3 quarter units)3
PSY 533BBrain and Behavior (3 quarter units)3
PSY 543HCross-Cultural Infant Observation (2 quarter units)2
PSY 568AChild Advocacy and Social Policy (3 Quarter units)3
CS Electives (3 quarter units)3
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies (LGBT)
PSY 512DLGBT Field Study: Community Action (2 quarter units)2
PSY 593DDMulticultural Mental Health (3 quarter units)3
PSY 593KLGBT History and Mythology3
PSY 593NNTreating Families throught the LGBT-Affirmative Lens (3 quarter units)3
PSY 593ZAffirmative Psychotherapy (3 quarter units)3
LGBT Identity Workshop (1 quarter unit)1
LGBT Electives (2 quarter units)2
Spiritual Depth Psychology (SDP)
PSY 521DErotic Transference/Countertransferenece (3 quarter units)3
PSY 531HIntercultural Transpersonal and Depth Psychology (3 quarter units)3
PSY 533KClassical Mindfulness-based Clinical Skills (3 quarter units)3
PSY 594MFrontiers in Integrative Depth Psychology (3 quarter units)3
PSY 594JLife as practice: Inner Work/Social Resp/Comm Srvc (2 quarter units)2
SDP Electives (3 quarter units)3
Conflict Related Trauma (CRT)
PSY 522BTreatment of Trauma & Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (3 quarter units)3
PSY 522CConflict Resolution/PTSD/Self-care - MH Professionals (3 quarter units)3
Sub-Specialization Civilian, Military, or Combination (6 quarter units)
PSY 597AAx & Tx of Civilians w/PTSD & Substance Abuse (3 quarter units)6
PSY 597CAx & Tx of Trauma/PTSD in the Civilian Population (2 quarter units)6
PSY 597EDomestic Violence and PTSD in the Civilian Population (1 quarter unit)6
PSY 597BAx & Tx of Mltry/1st Rspnd w/PTSD & Sbstnce Abuse (3 quarter units)6
PSY 597DAx & Tx of Trauma/PTSD in Military/1st Responder (2 quarter units)6
PSY 597FDV & PTSD in Military Personnel/Couples/Families (1 quarter unit)6
CRT Electives (2 quarter units)5
Professional Clinical Counseling (PCC)
PSY 509Brief Therapy2
PSY 550TBDChemical Dependency and Psychopharmacology OR3
PSY 520ADevelopmental Psychopathology I: Diagnosis3
PSY 506TBDCareer Development I3
PSY 506TBDCareer Development II2
PSY 536TBDResearch for Evidence Based Practice OR3
PSY 545EProgram Development and Evaluation3
General Practice Specialization17 units of self-selected study using a combination of courses from other specializations and/or independent study/research projects17

Additional degree requirements can in the AULA Catalog