Clinical Training

As part of the 90-unit Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology program, students are required to complete 9 units of field-based clinical training at one (or more) of our 100+ authorized training agencies, which include community mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, eating disorder programs, public and private schools, and many others. This experience gives students the opportunity to engage in the real work of therapy, under the expert supervision of licensed professionals.

Authorized training agencies must have a demonstrated commitment to meeting the unique needs of under-served and diverse clinical populations, and to upholding Antioch University’s commitment to social justice, rigorous training, and high standards of ethics and professionalism.

Some of these agencies include:

As part of the 9 units of clinical training, all students are required to complete a minimum of 225 hours of face-to-face experience counseling adults, couples, families, children, and/or groups. Students seeking a Licensed Professional Clinical Counseling certification  must complete an additional 55 hours (for a total of 280 hours) of face-to-face experience counseling adults, couples, families, children, and/or groups.

To help guide students throughout the clinical training experience, Antioch University’s Clinical Training Office provides a variety of services designed to support students as they secure clinical placements and earn academic credit through clinical training. The Clinical Training Office staff oversees all aspects of registration and credit for clinical training; supports students in resolving difficulties encountered at training sites; and provides students with information and support in meeting academic and licensing requirements.

Detailed information is available in the Clinical Training Handbook, which may be obtained from the Clinical Training Office and at quarterly New Student Orientation and Registration meetings.