Specialized Advising

What makes Antioch University’s Master of Arts in Psychology program so uniquely rewarding is the specialized advising we offer our students. Advisors are committed to helping you plan your course of study, providing guidance on when and how to embark on clinical training. Advisors educate students regarding various career tracks, and work with you if your professional or personal life requires your studies to be slowed down or treated with extra care and consideration. Your advisor also provides personalized counsel on which classes to take and how many, and how to pace your workload.

In addition to one-on-one meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your advisor through research, fieldwork, volunteer activities, social events, the speaker series, and other forms of pedagogical activism. Your advisor can become be an active partner in your studies and future direction.

In addition, each specialization (Spiritual and Depth Psychology, Psychological Trauma, Applied Community Psychology, LGBT Psychology, and Child Studies) has its own staff of core faculty and affiliates who are experts in the field. They work closely with you to fashion a rich immersion experience to deepen your theoretical and applied knowledge.

As part of this experience, you are invited to reach out to your advisor, be proactive with him or her, take the lead in the relationship, utilize the mentoring experience to your greatest potentiality, and envision the advisor/advisee experience as mutually beneficial for both parties.