When you enter into the Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology program, you are encouraged to choose from one of our uniquely constructed and richly stimulating specializations. These include:

Each specialization has developed a well-regarded “core curriculum” that takes place in concert with the rest of your curriculum and ideally works in tandem with your other studies. For example, if you are an LGBT Specialization student, you are invited to bring an affirmative appreciation to non-specialization classes, such as Family Systems or Child and Adolescent Development. Likewise, if you are a student in Applied Community Psychology, you might find yourself bringing a more “macro” appreciation to issues of diversity, prevention, and community involvement to classes mostly focusing on the individual.

Each specialization is run by a director and an affiliate staff experienced and schooled in that specialization’s area of expertise. The directors work with each other to coordinate your education as much as possible, offering courses that are relevant to more than one specialization as well as hybrid specializations. Each specialization holds events throughout the year, including a Speaker Series, dinners, and graduation events.

If you are in a cohort, you will need to ensure that your schedule permits you to attend specialization classes, which take place one day a week. You will have two different “families,” so to speak: your cohort group, and your specialization group. We have also created a Generalist Specialization if you would rather not choose one, which contains each one of the specialization’s core classes.

We are proud of the cutting-edge education you will receive at AULA via these specializations. They were developed to enrich your experience, increase your appreciation for cultural diversity, and help you develop a successful career path in your chosen area of interest.