Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization

The Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization is a concentrated course of study within the Master of Arts in Psychology program, training students in integrative psychotherapy.

Founded in January of 2010, the Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization provides a forum to investigate, study, and practice tools for personal growth, diversity consciousness, clinical application, community wellness, and global citizenship. The specialization explores the intersections between contemporary Jungian-based analytic psychology, classical mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and other frontiers in holistic, non-dualistic theory and integrative practice. It emphasizes balancing holistic body-mind-spirit practice with theory, clinical application, community service, and research.

Courses are taught by instructors who are active contributors in the field of Spiritual and Depth Psychology, committed to advancing effective, inter-culturally informed psychotherapeutic practice and research. The faculty embraces proactive engagement in dialogue on diversity, which specifically includes the affirmation of women, LGBTQ individuals (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer), people of color, and other communities underrepresented in the mental health field.

The Spiritual and Depth Psychology Specialization has four major arenas for student development:

  1. Coursework including core courses, electives, workshops, field work, and course-related research
  2. Inner work, a practice that may include classical mindfulness (e.g. meditation), body-mind discipline (e.g. yoga, martial arts), depth psychological mindfulness (e.g. dream work, art work, etc.)
  3. Community service (e.g. volunteer work within the Spiritual and Depth Psychology community and in the community at large)
  4. Clinical training and skills that provides the opportunity to augment theoretical knowledge, and clinical skills provided by the Spiritual and Depth Psychology core curriculum (e.g. self-regulation and emotional distress tolerance skills, ways of relating to the unconscious through dream work and other creative avenues)