LGBT Methodology

The LGBT Specialization pioneers an integral approach based in a psychodynamic/Jungian methodology that also utilizes methodologies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems, narrative therapy, and existential humanist approaches to help clients with basic problem-solving and ego-support, while providing the possibility for in-depth, comprehensive healing of core trauma (the effect of surviving in heterosexist culture). While learning to work affirmatively with multiple theories in culturally and ethnically diverse ways, students are taught to appreciate and honor the living presence of the unconscious in themselves and their clients, where it must be hypothesized that destructive elements of internalized homophobia and heterosexism reside, and which must be identified and assessed in order to be alchemically worked-through and fully transformed.

The LGBT specialization maintains that only in this way can true healing occur for individual members of this special community. In this way the LGBT Specialization is rooted in the long-respected field of LGBT Studies and its differentiation of a psychological wing. Aspects of postmodernism and its sister, Queer Theory, are studied in so far as they deconstruct heteronormativity and unjust power and other forms of Colonialism, but not as replacements to LGBT Studies or identity based phenomenon. All forms of identities are explored, those within the spectrum of fluidity as well as those people who are secure in their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender identities. Those people who are not LGBTQ or fluid, but are brave allies, are encouraged to study in the LGBT Specialization, as many of our most vocal alumni are allies.

Students are invited to engage and discourse with the LGBT Specialization’s emergent Affirmative Philosophy to create a rich and stimulating learning environment.