Research Support for Faculty

Guidelines for Library Instruction

Here are a few suggestions to make sure that the library session goes smoothly and that your students learn the skills they need.

  • It is strongly recommended, though not required, that the instructor requests the library session(s) at least two weeks in advance by emailing a librarian. This allows librarians enough time to prepare for your session.
  • Provide detailed information regarding what you want your students to know and/or be able to do upon the completion of the instruction session(s).
  • Collaborate with the librarian in designing a session that will best meet your and your students’ needs.
  • Consider the amount of time you are able to provide for library instruction when determining the content you want covered. Students typically have a better experience and learn more when less is covered in depth than when too much is attempted in a short time. If you are unsure about how much time is needed to cover your content, consult with the librarian. When necessary, we are happy to conduct multiple sessions.
  • Determine the best possible time in the quarter to schedule your library instruction session. The beginning of the semester is not always the best time for library instruction. Often it is best to bring students in for instruction after they have research topics and/or specific assignments.
  • Work with the librarian to assess student learning. All feedback and assessment are used to improve the quality of our information literacy curriculum and instruction.
  • It is recommended that instructors join the librarian for the library instruction session. Research shows that students pay more attention when their instructor is present.