Capstone Experience

Upon completion of at least 24 units, all prerequisite courses, and with approval of the Program Chair—you’ll participate in The Capstone Experience. Your student team will design, carry out, and report on a project of your choice that serves an organization, community or target population. The project must leave a legacy beyond the time of your team’s involvement.

Example Capstone Projects 2006-2012

  • The Madison Project of Santa Monica College Arts Education Program:
    A Development Plan Perspective.
  • Creation of an Internet Site Devoted to Generational Issues in the Workplace.
  • Helping AULA Equip Future Leaders: Staffing and Marketing The Business & Social Entrepreneurship Concentration in the AULA BA Program.
  • Going Organic On a Budget: a Website Development Project
  • A Study in Retention and Turnover: Organizational Analysis and Recommendations for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  • Re-Entry L.A.: A Self Help Guide for People Returning to Los Angeles from Prison or Jail
  • Intergenerational Care Centers: A Needs Assessment for the City of Culver City
  • A Community Network Organization: Research and Proposal for a Student-Alumni Group for the AULA MA in Organizational Management Program
  • Middle Management in the Hospitality Industry: Identifying Essential Competencies and the Big Five Factors as a Guide for Successful Human Resource Management
  • Ujima Farming Group: A Business Plan
  • Arts Consulting Group: New and Renovated Arts & Cultural Facilities
  • McKim Consulting : Survey of NonProfit Organizations’ Needs
  • New Visions Foundation: Research on the Effectiveness of Social Media in Increasing Brand Awareness and Donations in Small Not-for-profit Organizations
  • Ujima Farming Group: Compendium of Best Practices for Establishing Cooperatives
  • Volunteer Engagement and Retention in a Public Organization
  • Altadena Christian Children’s Center: Aligning Programmatic and Business Strategy with a Changing Environment
  • Beginning Phases of The Tiyya Foundation and the Board of Directors Use Of Strategic, Resource and Operational Planning