Certificate Programs in Psychology

AULA’s graduate program in Clinical Psychology offers certificates in a number of specializations. These distinctive programs provide professionals with specialized training to meet the rapidly growing demand for services in these areas:

Our post-BA Certificate in Applied Community Psychology program provides participants with tools and strategies for working in community-based settings, whether as mental health professionals or in a human services/community-building capacity.

Our new post-MA Certificate in LGBT-Affirmative Psychology program trains participants to provide effective, affirmative therapy to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients.

Our new post-MA Certificate in Psychology of Trauma trains participants to work with survivors of trauma in the general population and as a result of conflict and war.

General Certificate Questions

Am I eligible for deferment while in a certificate program?

If you are currently paying off student loans, you can apply for an In School Deferment with your lender/servicer, which would suspend your payments until you complete the certificate program. Keep in mind that interest would still be accruing on any unsubsidized loans.

Is financial aid available for the certificate programs?

Yes - Financial aid is available to certificate students enrolled in at least four units per quarter.

What is the benefit of gaining specialized therapeutic skills?

According to the American Mental Health Counseling Association (AMHCA) “Increasingly, both the public and insurance providers are looking for qualified clinical mental health counselors who have acquired cutting-edge training and clinical abilities. Advanced practice clinical counselors with specialist skills are in increasing demand.”

Specific Questions about the Certificates in LGBT-Affirmative and Trauma Psychology

Can I transfer the credits from a certificate program to a master’s program?

Quite possibly. Because all of our certificate programs earn you master’s level units from a fully accredited institution, you may be able to transfer them. Check with the other institution to see if your AULA certificate credits are transferable.

Can I transfer units that I have earned elsewhere toward the certificate program?

No. Because of the unique and comprehensive nature of our certificate programs, other coursework or learning experiences cannot count toward the completion of the certificate.

How many CEUs (Continuing Education Units) can I earn through the certificate programs?

California MFTs and LCSWs who complete the LGBT or Trauma certificate programs will be awarded 150 units.

What if I am unable to attend a weekend residency?

Sorry, in-person workshops, speaker events, and discussions that occur during residencies are an integral part these two programs, and required to earn your certificate.  If you know you will be unable to attend an in-person residency during the course of the certificate program we suggest you postpone enrollment until your schedule allows you to attend all residencies.