Master of Arts in Psychological Studies

Students who wish to earn an MA in Psychological Studies want to learn and apply skills in psychological research and gain some hands-on research experience that they can use to further their career in psychology.

The Master of Art in Psychological Studies degree does not fulfill educational requirements for licensure in California, but does provide students with introductory knowledge, attitudes, and skills in psychological research. It is the appropriate choice for a student seeking an MA in Psychology for personal and professional development, en route to a different career goal, and/or academic preparation for doctoral study.

Students can choose to delve even more deeply into topics of interest through the completion of a master’s level project through writing thesis, implementing a project, or a non-clinical practicum.

Past topics have included:

  • Designing a workshop on somatic responses to grief
  • Understanding relationships between juvenile delinquency and childhood abuse
  • The Psychology of Taste: Cooking, Psychology, and Umami
  • Suicidality: Understanding the needs of suicide hotline workers
  • Autism and the Family