Continuing Education

The MA in Psychology/Clinical Psychology program offers online continuing education courses for mental health professionals in a wide variety of topics, and will be creating new courses regularly. The courses (each of which consists of six to seven 1-hour modules, listed below) are filmed with a panel style, rather than a lecture, to create a more dynamic and interesting viewing experience.

The courses we currently offer are:


1. HIV 101
2. HIV and Aging
3. HIV and Cross Cultural Issues
4. HIV and LGBTQ-Phobia
5. HIV and Newly Diagnosed Patients
6. HIV Treatment Adherence

Legal and Ethical:

1. Evolving Practices and the Technicalities of Telehealth
2. Managing Risk in the Telehealth Terrain
3. The Digital Office: Safeguarding Consent and Communications
4. Insurance and the Practitioner’s Duty to Advocate
5. The Nuts & Bolts of Holding Insurers Accountable (Part I)
6. The Nuts & Bolts of Holding Insurers Accountable (Part II)



1. Beginning Supervision
2. Supervision Vs Psychotherapy
3. Ethical Concerns and Frame in Supervision
4. Group Supervision
5. Supervisor-Supervisee-Patient
6. Supervisor-Supervisee Relationship

Child Abuse and Reporting:

1. What is Child Abuse?
2. Child Abuse: Crisis Intervention
3. California Requirements for Reporting Child Abuse
4. Interviewing Young Children about Child Abuse
5. The Role of Culture in Understanding Child Abuse
6. Treating the Adult Survivor of Abuse
7. Treating the Child Victim of Abuse

The 1-hour modules that make up each course are available for $19.95 each.

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