Learning By Doing
The greatest learning takes place by doing and then reflecting on our work in order to transform communities.

Through fieldwork placements students enhance their professional skills, develop meaningful relationships in the field, and build self-confidence in their ability to make change. Here are three examples.

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Isidore Recycling
Isidore recycles electronics and creates jobs for people who have successfully exited California's correctional system.

“At Isidore I learned how complicated and important it is to apply human rights to a business plan… Things like self-respect, pride, livable wages, and work skills are not just bonuses you may be able to achieve in our society –– they are essential for its success.”
Faith Myhra, class of 2015

Sony Pictures
Sony Pictures includes sustainable products and practices on their sets and now in their scripts.

“I use all of my fieldwork experience in my career…the formal fieldwork requirement is what opened the doors to the [Sony Sustainability] Department, providing me more access and opportunity.  Since then I have been working with others in the industry to create new [sustainability] benchmarks and international standards.”
Heidi Kindberg Goss
class of 2014

L.A. Ecovillage
The L.A. Ecovillage is an intentional community of people who strive to live more ecologically and cooperatively.

After her internship at the L.A. Ecovillage, Stephanie Speights used the skills she gained to transform her neighborhood alley into a lively community center. Stephanie is now highly in demand as a consultant and community college educator.
Stephanie Speights, class of 2013