Inspired Faculty

Donald Strauss, Founding Chair

A love of simple machines, nature, and the do-it-together animo of bike culture contribute to Donald Strauss’ vision of urban sustainability.

I am passionate about active transportation, particularly when it comes to people getting around on bicycles.  For the last four years, I have been doing participatory action research with the growing community of do-it-yourself bicycle repair cooperatives (DIY wrenching co-ops) in the greater Los Angeles area.  I have gone on dozens of group night rides ranging in size from 20 to over 2,000 riders.  In these communities, I have found amazing and dedicated transportation activists who are determined to turn Los Angeles into the most active bike city on the planet.  Through all of this I have found that human-powered transportation is an unexpected and powerful form of democracy.

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Gilda Haas, Core Faculty

After organizing, teaching, and community building for thirty years under the assumed name of Gilda Haas, Dr. Pop has finally come out of the shadows to help move old-school popular education into new places and spaces.

It makes me mad when ordinary, hard-working, intelligent people are told that important issues like the economy and climate change are “too complicated” for them to understand and that they should leave those decisions to the experts.  Really?  If these issues are so important then they deserve the deepest engagement by all of us, the wisdom of community, and popular education so that we can all, together, make informed decisions.  Figuring out how to simply explain complicated things by breaking them down (and not dumbing them down) is my greatest passion and challenge, and figuring out how to do that all online is a close second.  So that’s why I created Dr. Pop, who you can visit at

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