Online Learning

Aside from the in-person residencies, much of the MA in Urban Sustainability coursework occurs online. Course syllabi, announcements, assignments, and resources are posted Sakai Learning Management System.

Screenshot of a week’s assignments from the Eco-Systems Thinking online syllabus

Class discussions and collaborations range from asynchronous [not at the same time] online forums to real-time online classrooms using the Adobe Connect meeting platform. In the process, students become adept at working, communicating, and presenting online in much the same way that creative, dispersed groups solve urban sustainability problems together from around the world.

Cooperative expert Frank Adams joins Gilda Haas and the Eco-Systems class from his home in Tennessee in an Adobe Connect session.
Click the image for a recording of the session

Lectures may be presented in real-time on Adobe Connect or recorded and posted on Sakai so that students may view them at a convenient time. Here is a short video from the Eco-Systems class that describes a process for conducting a power analysis that students will later perform themselves at a residency.

Power Analysis [for antioch] from Gilda Haas on Vimeo.