Certificate Admissions

Admissions Process for the Post-MFA Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing Program

Application Deadlines

We are currently accepting applications for the following terms:

SemesterInternational Application*Priority ApplicationFinal ApplicationClasses Begin
Summer/Fall 2015January 26, 2015January 26, 2015February 15, 2015June 11, 2015

*In addition to satisfying AULA’s admission requirements for a specific academic program, International Students have additional, general requirements that must be met for admission. 

Eligibility Requirements

The Post MFA Certificate in Teaching Creative Writing was designed for:

  • MFA holders who desire to teach, but have little teaching experience.
  • MFA holders who are either college/university writing instructors or public school teachers who want to learn more about the intersection of creative and expository writing pedagogies, and to incorporate this knowledge into their teaching.
  • MFA holders who desire to improve their marketability as teachers.
  • MFA holders who have teaching careers well underway and seek to improve their current positions through post-graduate professional development encouraged or required by their employers.

Admission Requirements

There are three easy steps to apply:

  1. Complete the Online Application.
    • Complete  and submit Part 1 and Part 2 of the online application
    • Submit the $25 non-refundable Application FeeThe application fee is waived for all AULA alumni.
    • Complete and submit a Letter of Application including answers to the questions below. Please answer each question fully. The answers should take the form of a typed letter that addresses the following questions. Please number your responses to correspond with the numbered questions below, and attach your letter to the application form.
  1. Why—and what—do you want to teach? Are you interested in teaching literature and composition as well as creative writing?
  2. Briefly describe your previous teaching experience: type of institution—college, high school, elementary, etc.—courses, workshops, online conferences, and so forth.
  3. If you are currently employed as a teacher, does your institution expect you to take additional graduate courses or workshops for professional development?
  4. Regardless of your previous teaching experience, in your own view, what are your (potential) strengths and weaknesses as a teacher of creative and other forms of writing?
  5. How do you expect earning this Certificate may help you?
  6. Do you have ideas or a proposal for a Supervised Teaching Placement during the Certificate Program? If so, please describe what you wish to do.
  7. How do you expect a career in teaching will affect your own creative writing?
  8. During which Residencies did you take “Orientation to the Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing,” “Readings in the Pedagogy of Creative Writing, ” and “Teaching Academic Writing “?
  9. List any other pedagogy-related seminars or lectures you attended during the Antioch University MFA Residencies.
  10. Please attach an annotated bibliography of any of the required Teaching Certificate readings that you have already read from the Teaching Certificate reading list.

Note: Questions 8, 9, and 10 are for Antioch University MFA alumni only.

2. Send in all official transcripts for bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  Applicants who received their MFA’s from an institution other than Antioch University must send in an official transcript for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with the master’s transcript indicating that the applicant has earned an MFA in Creative Writing from an accredited institution.   Request one copy of official transcripts to be sent directly to the Admissions Office at Antioch University Los Angeles from the accredited institutions from which you received your bachelor’s and master’s degree.  Applicants who will finish their MFA’s close to the application deadline for the Certificate should ask their registrars to provide evidence of when the degree will be posted (commonly referred to as an On Track statement.)

3.  Submit all supplemental materials

  • Provide two letters of recommendation, sent directly from recommenders who can address the applicant’s potential as a teacher. Recommenders may include former professors, supervisors, workshop leaders, etc.
  • Provide a curriculum vita that includes degrees earned, publications, awards, teaching experience, editorial experience, etc.
  • Provide a sample of their creative work (ten-page maximum).

Students who are accepted into the Certificate Program must make arrangements, prior to their Pre-Project Period Residency, for a Supervised Teaching Placement that will be conducted during the Project Period.

Reminder: The Post-MFA Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing is not a teaching credential. Applicants should contact the Office of Education in their home state or country to find details of how teachers are certified in their region.

Please submit all materials to: Admissions Office, 400 Corporate Pointe, Culver City, CA 90230.

All application materials submitted become part of an applicant’s file and cannot be returned.