Sias International University

Sias landscape2AULA is a partner of Sias International University, one of the few private higher education institutions in China. This Western-style university, established in 1998, enrolls over 25,000 students and occupies a 400-acre campus. The trip includes a week-long stay on the Sias campus, supplemented by trips to regional sites of interest.

On campus, Sias faculty members will provide lectures on such topics as Chinese history and culture, education, politics, religion, economics, and sustainability issues. There will also be an opportunity to learn basic Chinese and to practice Chinese cooking, calligraphy, painting, folk dancing, and martial arts. The spacious campus offers opportunities for quiet walks as well as for swimming, basketball, table tennis, golf, and other sports. There are outdoor street markets outside the campus to sample a wide selection of authentic Chinese foods.

The Sias campus is located in Xinzheng, a city of about 600,000 in central Henan Province. The city is considered one of the birth places of the Chinese nation and has many interesting cultural attractions.

During the stay on the Sias campus, participants will live in modern student dormitories and have meals at Peter Hall, the central dining room for faculty and staff. Traditional Chinese and Western-style food are typically available at each meal, or participants may choose to purchase meals from a number of local inexpensive eateries just outside the campus.